Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The simple truth

Wherever you live, you must have at least three walls (as one court ruling indicates in a well documented case in Nimbun).
The picture above is one example of what you could buy to put on your walls. You could buy this kind of picture from the many shops that sell frames and framed prints, or you could make your own.
From a financial perspective, investing in such an object is a liability.
It takes valuable space where you could display a true investment, it locks in cash (if you have no debts), it drains your money if you have borrowed money to purchase it.
On the other hand, if you purchase a painting with the same subject matter from an emerging artist, you would most likely pay the same kind of money, but get a real investment, if you know how to pick the right artist.
Picking the right emerging artist is what galleries do. To be a successful art collector, you need to beat the galleries at their own game.
Next month I will give you some simple suggestions on how to do just that.